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We believe in facilitating learning processes that generate real employment possibilities.

We seek professional training, working the core values of responsibility, commitment, teamwork, critical and self-critical. Also providing students with the necessary social and work skills that enable them to an optimal development of their professional work.



Training actions of Lanbide in Gernika

Training actions of Lanbide in Gernika (Ahopeka)

AHOPEKA is a Training space in the Busturialdea region that pretends, from a serious analysis of the work needs and opportunities of the area, to be a quality reference in making training itineraries.
We started in December with two training actions of Lanbide: “Cookery” (403 hours) and “Tourist promotion and visitor information” (558 hours). In addition to the theoretical training, we will develop an internship period that will bring the students closer to the work reality of every field.

Training action of Lanbide in Zornotza

Training action of Lanbide in Zornotza (Beharlan)

With the objective of ensuring the training for job insertion from working in the values of responsibility, compromise, teamwork, criticism,… providing the working abilities needed, personal and technical ones, from and for the Lanbide Service of the Basque Government, giving and evaluating for three years and in the Education Centre of Zornotza, we organize three professional technical profiles:
• Gardening and Horticulture
• Electricity
• Bricklaying.
Covering in this way the expectations of the foreign youngsters that arrive to Bizkaia with the desire and the need to get an education as an essential step to achieve a future with decent conditions and without too many disadvantages.
Developed, managed, and evaluated for Lanbide (Employment Service of the Basque Government).

Training programme for governing boards

Training programme for governing boards of associations for the elders

With this meetings we aimed to offer the associative world of the elders some training tools that could help them in their daily tasks, so they could develop an organization and management model that allowed them to have a higher level of autonomy and optimization of their resources.
During these years many topics have been addressed: Programming, planning, and evaluating projects, Voluntary work, the Municipal Council for the Elderly, Financing, Internal and external communication, Grants, Dependency Law, Encouraging social participation, Active ageing,…
Project developed and managed for the Community Welfare Area of Bilbao City Council.

Caminos hacia el empleo (Urban-Europa Programme)

Caminos hacia el empleo (Urban-Europa Programme)

The project Lanerako Bideak – Caminos hacia el empleo had the objective of improving the employability of the users, and specially of those who presented the most difficulties when accessing to employment. Job placement between companies and workers in the most efficient way. In the one hand, it is a priority to stimulate business fabric and in the other, to motivate and support people´s active job search.
Project managed in Bilbao La Vieja- Zabala, and San Francisco.