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Residential Centre for Unaccompanied Minor Foreigners in Vivero

Social integration

Opened in October 2018, just like the Residential Centres in Izurtza and Pertika, it is a Centre for preparing for Emancipation. In this case, the Educational Team is composed by 22 community workers. In Galdakao.

In the three cases working to achieve the educational goals, focusing on:

  • Adapted and useful cultural contents: knowledge, language understanding and use, basic domain of calculus and knowledge of the closest surroundings.
  • Skills for social interaction: autonomy, self-control, resistance to frustration, conflict resolution…
  • Ability to Autonomous Survival: qualification, work habits, and abilities to access the means of production.
  • Ethical and moral criteria: knowledge of social rules and habits, ability for empathy, behavioural foresight, scale of value…

Managed for the Childhood Department of the Regional Council of Bizkaia -IFAS-