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Leisure treated as a human adventure to enrich himself and exploring the surrounding world.

When we use the free time creatively, developing skills, encouraging personal balance and enriching our experience, we are filling our lives full of content and giving to leisure a dimension of personal enrichment, therefore, leisure time would become free to use to do what we like and for personal growth.

Education for Leisure conceived not as a subject, even as a transverse axis, but as a set of motivations and guidelines that encourage imagination and creativity and to push people to discover the pleasure of learning new things and reach new horizons.



Association of Retired People in Santuxu

Programme for sociocultural entertainment and accompaniment of the Association of Retired People in Santuxu

The objective of our programme for sociocultural entertainment was to revitalise the community and social life of the elderly, by promoting the involvement and cooperation of the users of the centre, by ensuring the satisfaction of their cultural worries and the communication among them and with other collectives.
This initiative tries to support the management to carry out an active, varied, dynamic schedule dedicated, in general, to improving the quality of life of the elderly.

BBK summer camps

BBK summer camps

A space for recreational/educational leisure through different activities and contents (sports, games, culture, environment, health, nutrition,…) linked to our territory and our language, which promotes the comprehensive development of kids from respect, solidarity and active participation.
Project managed for BBK Social Projects.

Children Christmas Park (P.I.N.)

Children Christmas Park (P.I.N.)

A space for recreational/educational leisure inside the Children Christmas Park with the objective of training from leisure and free time.
With a team of qualified leisure instructors, whose motivation and dedication guarantees the quality of the service.
Project managed for BBK.


Nagusi: Leisure, services and activity hall for the elderly

For more than 15 years we have developed for the Community Welfare Area of Bilbao City Council their space at the “Nagusi” fair, the Leisure, Services, and Activity Hall for the Elderly. An interesting event for the elderly and also for siblings, carers and workers linked to caring the elderly.


Associations of retired people in Bilbao

Interactive guide of the associations of retired people in Bilbao

A guide about the associative movement of the elderly in Bilbao, in which information is gathered concerning the type of spaces they have, the number of members, the fees they pay, the services offered, the activities they make and the ways of financing the use. Project developed and managed for the Citizen Relationship Area of Bilbao City Council.



An innovative rehabilitation system that adapts to a videogame environment the physical exercises usually carried out in physiotherapy sessions. A game in which they are the main character.

FRED is a game designed for old people so they can improve their physical ability, their health and independence in everyday activities, through a game they are part of.

In this way, we manage to reduce the risk of fragility or, if fragility already exists, its degree.

A solution to prevent fragility through Exergames, concept that integrates videogames and physical activity.

A new rehabilitation system developed by emankor.tech to prevent dependency and to delay the functional impairment linked to ageing, ultimately, to give more life to years and, like this, being able to have an independent life as long as possible.