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We are an organization we have always understood the culture as an essential element in community development, a vital factor in the identity of the community in its construction and strengthening. That is why we have always intended to make available to the citizenship, resources, skills and values that make up the cultural capital that enriches us collectively.

We have more than twenty years of cultural interaction with our territory. Over twenty years in the maelstrom exciting innovation in the development of capacity building resources and active participation in the ongoing transformation of culture as a territory of convergence of the diversity, talent and tolerance.



Euskadi Suena en Madrid

Euskadi Suena en Madrid

With the goal of giving projection and visibility to the Basque music scene in Madrid, with the support of the Etxepare Basque Institue and Kutxabank, we created, promoted and managed both editions of the Euskadi Suena en Madrid festival (2014-2015).



In 2011, together with the concert venues Jimmy Jazz in Vitoria-Gasteiz, Atabal in Biarritz and Bermeoko Kafe Antzokia we created the network of music houses of the Basque Country. An equipment network where the emerging Basque music scene had its place.


25th anniversary of the Youth Card “Gazte Txartela”

Designing, promoting, and producing the festival of the 25th anniversary of this youth card. A programme full of young, urban, and avant-garde activities that took place the 17th of November 2012 in the Espacio Karola in Bilbao.
Project developed for Youth Department of the Basque Government.


Gestión del espacio municipal Bilborock

Involved in the effort to help the access to the artistic culture, creation, expression and spreading among the youths, we created, and co-managed Bilborock for 8 years for the Youth Area of Bilbao City Council.

Guidelines for Bilbao-Shanghai Expo Alhondiga

Guidelines for Bilbao-Shanghai Expo Alhondiga

On the occasion of the city of Bilbao presenting at the Shanghai Expo 2010, we prepared the guided visits of the expo and their presentation at Alhondiga.
Project managed for BilbaoNext- Bilbao City Council.


MIUF: Madrid Urban & Vanguard Expressions

A programme carried out for BBK that comprehends a cultural offer based on different avant-garde and urban expression trends aimed to its clients in the city of Madrid.



Innovative programme that promotes the initiatives and ways of expression of the youths and youth collectives from different cities of the world by using as its exhibition and experimentation centre the urban space. Jet Lag Bio ends in a festival called Jet Lag Fest.
For the Work, Youth and Sport Department of Bilbao City Council.

Anima Basauri

International Animation Film Festival “Anima Basauri”

Promoters in its first two editions.